Dug up from the CUPCO archives!! 100% Hand – Made!! Available in Steely Grey or Minty Green

In this overly-authoritative Trumpian Police state that we live in don’t you ever think that you might like some kind of POLICE effigy / voodoo doll that you could burn, poke, deface and molest? Here it is!!!

– Hand made / Hand-sewn / Hand-printed
– Removable Helmet visor, baton and chest shield.
– Also comes with body shield
– Dimensions: 35cmW x 45cmH
– Comes with free t-shirt and other freebies!!!!
Available at the CUPCO SHOP!


Based on characters from Kurosawa Akira’s immense classic Seven Samurai, I mあde these dolls in 2007(?). Seven Samurai was one of the first movies to spark my interest in Japan. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it! The challenge with these dolls was deciding on a colour scheme that would suit each of the characters and translating that from grainy, gritty black and white 1950s film. よくできましたカプコさん!!My only regret with these dolls is that I didn’t sell them as a set. Boohoo!


CUPCO’s first AR (Augmented Reality) Zine. Just point your phone at the image and watch it come to life!! Features AR, handprinted cover with iron-on flock embellishment,
hand-printed back cover, full colour interior, hand/machine sewn binding!! August 2019.