18th July, 2023: Lots of people came and joined the CULT OF CUPCO!! A huge selction of work icluding (but not limited to) over 50 new handmade dolls, avrious hand-stitched and embellished persian rugs and a whole lot of new work made from golden carpet underlay, sponges, IGA shopping bags and whatever I could get my hands on. Thanks to everyone for coming – Thanks to my loved ones – Thanks to Damien Minton for hosting!!!!

Here’s the blurb from the show:
Cupco!? is 50 and like any self-respecting artist or human has decided it’s time to start a cult!
Death Cult? Sex Cult? Who knows? This is the beginning of something big and beautiful as CUPCO!? explores what it takes to make a really great cult! You’ll see Aum Shinrikyo, the Moonies, Fundamentalist Mormons, Gumby, flower children and the most evil, despicable, incipient cult of all: THE SMURFS!!


The return of CUPCO DOLLS presents DUMB DONALD the MAGA hat wearing duck from the Washington swamp. Angry, deluded, ignorant Donald looks really happy now but how will he feel after he sees the election result? BUY HERE

30cm (12″) W x 50cm (19.5″) H
100% Hand-Made // Hand-stitched //  Hand-printed
100% Wool Felt // Egyptian Cotton // Hand-cut flock
Detachable head // Removable Hat // Magnetised Bow Tie