Based on characters from Kurosawa Akira’s immense classic Seven Samurai, I mあde these dolls in 2007(?). Seven Samurai was one of the first movies to spark my interest in Japan. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it! The challenge with these dolls was deciding on a colour scheme that would suit each of the characters and translating that from grainy, gritty black and white 1950s film. よくできましたカプコさん!!My only regret with these dolls is that I didn’t sell them as a set. Boohoo!


What happens when you flay the skin of Donald Trump? What lies beneath? What will be revealed? The Red Vein Demon will be exposed! Actually this guy is at least four times smarter than dumb Donald. 100% hand-stitched felt demon. Size: same as an average human head.