cupco koala sponge

In the wake of the recent Australian Bushfires I’ve been thinking about effective ways to help out with the recovery efforts. I’ve already made a donation to aid in the human recovery at RED CROSS AUSTRALIA. I also want to help KOALAS. So many koalas have been killed, injured and displaced. I’m auctioning this Koala Sponge on my instagram feed to raise money for the care of sick and injured koalas. I will match the total raised so we can help twice as many koalas. All money raised will be donated to WIRES Australia.

SPONGE KOALA (2019) – Blue Sponge, Beads, Cotton. 10cm (W) x 15cm (H)


kleen zine group shot

The KLEEN ZINE was made to display some of the artwork from the CUPCO DOMESTIC BLISS show in Melbourne, August 2018. The first CUPCO zine cover to be printed on CHUX wipes, it’s an instant classic!! Hand screenprinted front and back CHUX cover, full colour interior, hand-machine binding!