The CUPCO FLESH LESS RAGDOLL is handmade, hand-printed and hand-loved. Entirely made from CHUX Kitchen and Window wipes. Having no flesh can get pretty cold! That’s why the fashionistas at CUPCO put together a little handmade puffy vest for Mr. Flesh Less.
– 20cm (8in) W x 40cm (14in) H
– Handmade from CHUX wipes
– Hand printed front and back
– Hand sewn Eyes and mouth beads
– Come with freebie stickers and fun stuff!!

The philosophy behind the RAG DOLL series is to make affordable, handmade art that isn’t a painting. After years of making CUPCO DOLLS which were a more exacting precise exercise and became more and more pricey – these dolls are a bit looser and weirder, fun and cheaper! Available in the CUPCO SHOP!!!